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Our Process 

interior paint prep

These surface preparation levels range from basic cleanliness (Level 1) to extensive restoration (Restoration/Resurfacing). Level 1 focuses on minimal preparation for adhesion, while Level 2 adds inspection for existing coating adhesion. Level 3 emphasizes appearance with additional surface repairs and sanding, and Level 4 enhances appearance further with thorough defect elimination. Restoration/Resurfacing is reserved for severe deterioration or substrate damage, involving complete or near-complete removal of existing coatings and potential substrate replacement or repair.

Before starting, we inspect all surfaces for lead-based paint and perform necessary repairs, notifying the customer beforehand. We protect non-paint areas with drop cloths and plastic. Loose paint is scraped, and if needed, lead abatement procedures are applied. Surfaces are pressure washed using biodegradable solution, sanded for smoothness, and primed with high-performance primer. Joints and cracks are caulked with urethanized sealant, expanding up to 70% for durability. Finally, we apply the chosen paint and ensure thorough cleanup daily and upon job completion.

exterior paint prep

Slocum Painting has served Richmond for 15+ years, prioritizing customer satisfaction and thorough surface preparation. Our skilled, long-tenured painters undergo rigorous screening. We offer a one-year guarantee, use quality Sherwin Williams paints, and maintain full licensing and insurance. References are available, and payment is only accepted upon total satisfaction.

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